My Top 5

Who do you want next to you when all of your dreams come? I don’t know! But what I do know is that the day all of my dreams come true, I’ll be in a room with all 5 of these people ūüôā

#1: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen is  MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD!!! She lives life without fear or regret. She is who she is, no apologies.  Ellen shows us daily that it is okay to be YOU!  I love her!

#2: Michelle Obama

Michelle… DROP THE MIC

She is classy, graceful, and intelligent. ¬†This woman right here is THE AMERICAN IDOL! When I look at her I see myself. ¬†Michelle is everything I aim to be and so much more! I wonder if she’s looking to adopt and adult child…lol!

#3: Barak Obama

¬†Oh Mr.President…

Barak is the MAN! 44 continues to give me hope that better is out there.  He taught me to dream and dream big. Martin pointed to the mountain top and Barak ran up!  His character is undeniable.  Barak is the change we should all wish to see in the world.

#4: Oprah Winfrey

Yaaaaaaaas, OPRAH!

Started from the bottom now she’s HERE! ¬†She is a thinker, believer, and go-getter. ¬†She commands and gets¬†respect.¬†Oprah reminds me to stay humble and not to allow what happened to me define me. ¬†She is a Phenomenal Woman¬†Phenomenally!

#5: Beyonce


Beyonce is a wife, mother, and entertainer. ¬†She does it all! Listening to her music brings out my alter ego, Chocolate Latte…lol! ¬†She hit the scene as a solo artist my freshman year at Clark Atlanta. ¬†Beyonce is fierce and so am I!

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