A day in the life of…ME!

Being a mom, photographer, blogger, house cleaner, and camp director…wait I am busy woman!!! My day starts before dawn and doesn’t end until well after dusk. Some days I’m like, “How did you make it?”
BALANCE is definitely the key to making all the pieces of my day fit. Some days are better than others.  Regardless, I gotta make it happen for my 3 little humans.
Here’s a “good” day…lol!
6:20am: 1st alarm goes off. I usually ignore it.
6:45am: 2nd alarm goes off. I ignore this one too…smh
7:00am: 3rd alarm goes off. I yell to my little humans to wake up because I’m in denial that it’s morning. I turn on the tv to catch some national new. Local news is depressing for me.
7:15am: I finally decide to roll out of bed and get myself together. Thing 3 (my youngest human) is usually gone by now.
7:30am: Thing 1 (my oldest human) makes his way out the door.
7:45am: Thing 2 (my middle human) heads out. Yay! Everyone got themselves up and out. This is when I pat myself on the back for raising self-sufficient humans.
8:00am: I’m heading to my house cleaning clients home.
12:00pm: Clients house is clean and smells yummy. I’m out! See you in 2 weeks:-)
12:15pm: I have made it my desk at my after-school program. I do a sweep of the building and then answer emails.
2:00pm: My staff arrives and there goes my peace and quiet :-/
2:40pm: It is party time! The Kiddos have arrived at after school!!! I am now the principal, nurse, counselor, and lady of all things that make tiny humans feel better:-) I think you could say I’m a ROCK STAR!
6:00pm: OMG, I have ensured 100 kiddos enjoyed their after and are home with their parents. I lock up the building and head to either soccer or baseball practice.
6:30pm-8:00pm: I get to sit in my car (avoiding mosquitos) at soccer or baseball practice. I’m thankful the Thing 1 drives and helps out. We typically tag team Thing 2 and Thing 3 practices.  Buying him a car was one of my best decisions.  Sometimes Thing 1 has practice. In that case, I’m driving back and forth like a maniac.
8:30pm: We are FINALLY HOME…issa  T-I-R-E-D mommy! Now I have to make dinner. All our meals take me 30 minutes’ start to finish. I don’t like cooking as it is so I refuse to make complicated meals. Showers start while I’m cooking. Our school district rarely gives homework so that’s a BIG PLUS!!! I also usually start a load of laundry.
9:00pm: Dinner is ready and we EAT!!!
9:30pm: Thing 1 complains about cleaning the kitchen. Why I don’t know. It’s the SAME routine every day.
10:00pm: Thing 2 and Thing 3 are in bed. NOW IT IS QUIET!!! Thing 1 is done with the kitchen. He’s now studying. Thing 1 has a full load of IB and AP classes as it’s his SENIOR year!!!!!!!!!! It has been a journey.
10:15pm: I shower. Afterwards, I begin editing, blogging, and session planning. This is when I plan on how I’m going to take over the world! Yaaaaaassss!!!
12:00am: This is when I try to put everything away and go to sleep.  Some nights are better than others. This is not always as easy as it may seem. But I do try:-)
And that is a day in the life of …ME! When I’m not cleaning a house in the mornings, I’m usually doing a shoot.  Chile, I’m tired just from writing this. I be GETTING STUFF DONE as Chip would say…lol!

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